Help me produce my new album!

Click here to help me produce my new album!

I’ve written an album of worship music, with a focus on justice, peace and radical welcome. The album is called, “Dancing On The Mountain”. Follow this link to my page on, learn all about the project and become a supporter!


One thought on “Help me produce my new album!

  1. I enjoyed Dancing on the Mountain. I am a member at First Congregational UCC in Fort Worth, TX (which is open and affirming and very progressive) and would love to have more resources for progressive music. We have a contemporary service and are trying to find good music instead of old ‘praise’ music. We work hard to use inclusive and ‘equality’ language and therefore are hoping to get away from Kingdom language, current or historical even like ‘Lord’ that are rooted in a practice or mindset of domination. I like kindom as a word for all being part of one family which you used a couple times – do you know in the song in one place you used kingdom, when you had used kindom two other times? The way it was used, I would have expected one or the other to be used all three times.

    I only read the first post for Lent, but found it amazing. I look forward to getting your new posts as they are posted from here on.

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