Dancing On The Mountain is a Go!

Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to announce that my kickstarter campaign for my album of worship music, Dancing On The Mountain, was a great success!

Some numbers:

319 pledges equaled $17,437, or 124% of the $14,000 goal.

312 backers are individuals, 7 are congregations.

Woo hoo!

A point of clarification: Not all of my backers have realized I am actually a full-time pastor at a church, not a full-time musician and recording artist. I’m a church pastor (of a great church that I love!), and so I’ll be completing my work in the recording studio around my full-time work schedule at my church. My first sessions will be in late April, and the project is projected to be finished this summer. Trust me that I’m working to get it done and in your hands ASAP!

I’ll be working with Souncake studios in Chicago, if you’d like to check out some of the work that they do: http://thesoundcake.com/

It’s great to be with you! God bless you!



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