A psalm for those who suffer

A member of my church wrote this psalm for another church member who has had a sudden, devastating and inexplicable decline in bodily health.


So many were your gifts,

I could not count them,

Spread in lavish disregard through all my days.

An abundance simply there for the taking,

No questions to be asked, no conditions to be met.


Such generosity, poured out

Like an unending shower of precious stones.


And now I must give up

One of the most cherished of those jewels.

The viability of my own body is deserting me,

And I am left to traverse the full spectrum

Of consternation and regret.


How dare this be taken from me?


How sharp the disappointment!

How wrenching the reversals,

From full engagement

To brutally diminished expectations.


Where is the consolation?

Speak to me, O LORD,

I am your servant.


Do not abandon me

In this time of my greatest need!

Draw near to me, comfort me.


And surround me with those

Who mediate your Love. 


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