Liner Notes!

My album of worship music is now available!  It features 13 songs that proclaim God’s love, with a focus on themes of justice, peace and radical welcome.

The liner notes:

This project could not have happened without the generous support of hundreds of people, some of whom I know personally, most of whom I do not.  People prayed for me, shared the word about this music ministry, and contributed money through my kickstarter campaign.

Special Thanks to:

Shannon Leveridge

Beth Abbott

Brenda Adcock

Lee and Mary Lou Anderson

Anne Andert

Steve Angel

Leslie Apetz

Rick and Marcia Ashton

Pam Ator

Brenda and Stuart Barnes Jamieson

Jennie Barrett Siegal

Kathleen Beauvais

Jackie Belile

Nancy Bell

Krista Betz

Lori Bievenour

Deborah Blood

Becky Boggs

Kayla Bonewell

Doug Borko

Stephen Boyd

Kelly Burd

Joe Burt

Alison Buttrick Patton

Quinn Caldwell

Beth Cavett

Ramon Chaparro

Susan A. Chiasson

Rachel Ciupek-Reed

Marian Combs

Jason Coulter

Kevin Crowell and Janet Leong

Kathy Cunliffe

Nathan Dannison

Sue  and Chuck Dayton

J. Matthew Deal

Reggie Dupré

Nancy Eisenhauer

Matthew Emery

Gayle Engel

Jeanne Favreau-Sorvillo

Jacque Fiegel

Marilyn Freeman

Laura Fregin

Rosa Lea Grav

J. Bennett Guess

Ma Janet Guevara

Edith Guffey

Rachel Hackenberg

Pete Hann

Julie Harley

Sue Harrington and Mona Terry

Jan Harris

Richard Harter

Harriet Hawkins

Kris Hewitt

Donaldson Hill

Bill and Laura Hoglund

Lisa Horst-Clark

Alice Hunt

Matthew and Becky Hoover

Billy Kilgore

Karyn Kim

Gwendolyn V. Kirkland

Connie Larkman

Lloyd Leveridge

Tony and Marci Leveridge

Kim Leveridge

Julie Leveridge

Brett Leveridge and Meister

Luke Lindon

Barbara Lohrbach

Ted Lonergan

Bob and Marcia Long

Kyle Lovett

Larissa and Brad Madore

Mariah and Chris Marlin-Warfield

Emory Mead

Bud and Susan Meyers

Jennifer Mills-Knutsen

Craig Modahl

Felicia Moller & Dave Inglis

Peter & Sharon Moller

Alyce Morgan

Calvin Morris

Howard Nelson

Danielle and Alan Neff

Kerri Parker

Sarah Perreault

Phil Porter

Nancy Rivers

Leah Robberts

Marilyn Sue Robbins

Steve Rosenhamer

Caela Simmons Wood

Brigit Stevens

David Stewart

Jill Stratton

Carla Stucklen Sather

Sara Taksler

Ernest Underhill

Marie Valentine

Sharon Vaughan

Amy Walters

Avena Ward

Kevin Weikel

Matthew Westfox

Rich Wheelock and Linda Sandman

Sara Wilcox

Kathy L Williams

Jeffrey Zimmerman

First United Church, Oak Park, IL

Sylvania United Church of Christ, Sylvania, OH

Ivanhoe Congregational UCC

Local Church Ministries, United Church of Christ

Eden United Church of Christ, Chicago, IL

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, Henderson, MN

St. Paul United Church of Christ, Columbia, MO

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Oklahoma City, OK

Hope you like the music everyone.  Don’t forget to join me on Facebook –


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