A Christmas Prayer of Confession

baby jesus in mangerYou came in weakness and vulnerability, showing that true power is not in the ability to control or destroy, but in the ability to grow and bless.

      Forgive the ways we seek to dominate and do harm, O Christ.

You came in poverty, showing that true value and beauty are not in currencies and commodities, but in the unexpected readiness of people to share boldly and care richly.

     Forgive, O Christ, our obsession with amassing wealth, and our reluctance to give what we have to those with great needs.  

You were not offered a place in the inn, and you were later shunned in your own home, yet you extended extravagant welcome to all – those who were known and loved; those who were judged and shunned.

     O Christ, forgive our hypocrisy, when we cherish the comforts of home and community, but refuse hospitality to others.

You were targeted as a small child; you were scorned as you taught and healed; you died upon the most gruesome invention of brutality, yet you did not respond in kind.  You did not aspire to destroy your enemies; you showed the path of peace, and you give hope for a future beyond violence.

     Forgive our lust for repayment and reprisal, O Christ; extinguish our hate, and show us the kingdom of heaven, we pray.   Amen. 


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