Taste and See

I’m excited to share a new video, for my song Taste and See.



The story of the film culminates with a big fellowship meal around a table, a robust celebration.


In the context of the meal, the bread and cup of Holy Communion are blessed and shared.


Leading up to this meal, we follow four storylines of people who through a couple twists, end up at the sacred meal together:  The hosts, who are two married women; a straight couple experiencing great conflict in their relationship; a father, who is grieving the loss of his child; and a single mother in financial distress, including an eviction notice.


In circumstances of crisis, there are many reasons to withdraw from relationships of care and trust. But in this story, people reach out to give and receive compassion, and come together in holy fellowship.


The act of sharing the Lord’s supper does not magically fix anyone’s problems.


It is merely and miraculously a source of joy and strength for each person’s journey.




Taste and see, Taste and see,

The Lord is good.


To those who search, to those who mourn,

To those who seek a place to lay the burdens borne

Come in and rest, come be made whole,

Come in and feast among the gifts of love with welcome to us all.


Taste and see, Taste and see,

The Lord is good.


For those who trust, for those doubt,

For those whose difference others use to cast them out,

The table’s set, the circle’s wide

The banquet doors are open, welcoming everyone inside


Taste and see, Taste and see,

The Lord is good.


Now break the bread, and join the body

See kindred fed, your hands extending

Take the cup, and share salvation

Pass the peace to every neighbor and nation!


Taste and see, Taste and see,

The Lord is good.



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