New Song for Baptism

I’m excited to share my new song, “Welcome”.  It’s written to celebrate the sacrament of baptism.


Welcome, there’s a promise that’s keeping us,

Welcome, we are fashioned and found by this love,
And invited to trust.

Welcome, blessed child of the covenant,
Welcome, ever placed in the presence of God,
Ever held by the Son.

Let the water and word nourish life and belief in you,
Making outward and visible grace that’s at work in you!

Welcome, to this movement in fellowship,
Welcome, there are many now sharing the road,
As the journey unfolds,

Welcome, sifted into three measures’ worth,
Welcome, now commissioned to leaven the world,
‘Til the kingdom has come!

When you wander or fail, you’ll be lifted again by love,
There’s no slander or sin that can claim you, a child of God!

Welcome, turn and listen to heaven’s song,
Welcome, you’re forgiven of every wrong,
Welcome, as one formed and born from above,
Welcome, called to love as you have been loved,


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