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Rob Leveridge has released two albums of worship music, featuring Christian songs about peacemaking and the common good.


Sacred Days features songs written for milestone moments in the life of faith: Baptism, weddings, commissioning, leave-taking, funerals, and many others.


Dancing on the Mountain, Rob’s first album, is written in the form of a liturgy, with each song serving as a component of a worship service. .

1. All God’s People (Gathering)
2. The Voice of Praise (Thanksgiving and Praise)
3. Just Before the Dawn (Prayer of Confession)
4. No Matter What (Assurance of Grace)
5. Come, Holy Spirit (Invocation)
6. In Your Eyes (Gospel Message)
7. Grace Comes Down (Gospel Message)
8. Resurrection Song (Gospel Message)
9. Let it Live (Offering)
10. Taste and See (Holy Communion)
11. Isaiah 65 (Prayer of the People)
12. Do a Greate Work in Me (Prayers of the People)
13. The Seeds of Peace (Benediction)

All songs written by Rob Leveridge, copyright 2013, 2015, 2016. All rights reserved.

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