Sheet Music

Rob Leveridge has two collections of worship songs, Dancing on the Mountain and Sacred Days.

A songbook including all the songs from both albums is available in print and digital form, HERE.

The songbook includes 1 page lead sheets with lyrics and melody notation, as well as longer versions of each song, with full piano scores.

songbook cover

You’re invited to download lyrics, guitar chords and melody notation for the songs from Dancing on the Mountain, for free below.

If you’d like to make a freewill offering to support Rob’s music, you can do so here:

Dancing on the Mountain digipak


01 All God’s People

02 The Voice of Praise

03 Just Before The Dawn

04 No Matter What

05 Come Holy Spirit

06 In Your Eyes

07 Grace Comes Down

08 Resurrection Song

09 Let It Live

10 Taste and See

11 Isaiah 65

12 Do a Great Work in Me

13 The Seeds of Peace


All God s People

The Voice of Praise

Just Before the Dawn

No Matter What

Come Holy Spirit

In Your Eyes

Grace Comes Down

Resurrection Song

Let It Live

Taste and See

Isaiah 65

Do A Great Work

The Seeds of Peace

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